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Monthly archives: July, 2015

Gasoline Priest by Kissing Lucifer

The first roughmix of “Gasoline Priest” by “Kissing Lucifer” is online. Dave Fabian on vocals and Becky Gaber on backing vocals.

A new chapter: Kissing Lucifer

Next to my current projects (new EP of The Boris Karloff Syndrome, soundtracks for Faust and Blutschuld) I felt the urge to make some noise. Stoner Rock with a bit of metal, spiced up with blues. It’s called Kissing Lucifer. Loud, raw, mean. Hope some guys will dig this noise. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to check the Kissing Lucifer Facebook page.

Kissing Lucifer

4 notes only. 30 seconds. All it need to create a sinister mood.