The Cleaner

For years ago I finished my first short film “Twins – Her Best Kept Secret”. After recording a lot of new songs I am working on the script for a new short film. The plot is ready. I hope that I can start filming next spring.
Of course I will do also the sound design. Maybe there will be also a new Kissing Lucifer song in the soundtrack…


Mixing “Winter Is Your Enemy” and “What’s coming in the next couple of months”

Today I will mix our advance single “Winter Is Your Enemy” from the upcoming album “The Decay Of Archetypes” with Dave at my home studio in Dinhard (Switzerland)- 56 tracks, tons of tiny special fx that you won’t probably hear but you would miss if they weren’t there. Winter is the metaphor for our society that’s becoming colder every day. Selfish people, greedy for power and money are serving a venomous soup to the one who suffer. Meanwhile we are working also on the lyric video for this song and also on a video for another song of the coming album called “Desert Aliens”. There is a lot of work to do. On the 9th of December “Winter Is Your Enemy” will be available in all stores (iTunes, Amazon etc.). I hope you guys will enjoy the new stuff as much as we do.


We recorded now 20 songs within 18 months. I am really proud on “The Road Trip Tapes – Stories About Blood And Debris” and “Lucified”. “The Decay Of Archetypes” will go one step further and I can’t wait to share the new eight songs with you.

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