Guitar stands

Two new family members will arrive soon at my home. An Epiphone Firebird Joe Bonamassa and an Epiphone Flying V 1958 Korina ltd. Edition. These kinds of shapes doesn’t fit into my racks so I had to look around for  a solution. My friend Google led me to the hercules GS-414B stands. And surprise! The stands aren’t only really stable but also very cheap.
28 Swiss Francs for one stand is quiet a bargain. If you are looking for a good stand this might by the right one.

Desert Aliens Video

Kissing Lucifer will produce a video for the song “Desert Aliens”. This is a first test composite I made. In the final version I will be standing in front of the Orange wall and rock to the song. Since I didn’t have footage of mine I used old green screen footage. The song is a very slow and doomy stoner track. What you hear is only an old demo.

From The Vaults – Lick’n A Promise

It was 1990 (I guess) when “Lick’n A Promise” recorded their demo “Street Religion”. It was recorded, mixed and produced by our friend Roger Dupont. A Facebook friend asked me if there is an official release of this album. The simple answer was “no”. It was a chaotic time in my life and the band split up after we lost our management “London’s Pride” (London’s Shame would have been more appropriate…). To make a long story short – I decided to open my archives and give you a taste of the classic rock we played back then. I really love the vibe of the recordings (which were also very chaotic…). You can buy it for 1 Dollar or more on Bandcamp.


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