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Monthly archives: January, 2017

Epiphone LTD ED 2016 Joe Bonamassa “Treasure Firebird”

Welcome to the family! Arrived out of the cold and needs some drying first 😉


It’s a long time ago since I used the glass bottleneck for some serious sliding. Working on new material I grabbed the bottleneck and played a bit around. I guess I will incorporate some slide playing on the next record.

Crowdfunding for Kissing Lucifer’s new album

Hi folks
We started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise some money to cover the production and delivery cost for our upcoming album “The Decay Of Archetypes”.
Your support is very much appreciated.

Visit our campaign right here

Oliver’s Stuff #01 | Kissing Lucifer | Kilmister | Norman Rare Guitars

Braucht kein Mensch… ich mach’s trotzdem. Erster “Oliver’s Stuff”-Videoblog. Ergo – ich bin jetzt offiziell ein Vlogger. Aber sonst geht es mir gut. Diesmal geht es um viel Eigenwerbung (Kissing Lucifer), Fremdwerbung für meine Kumpels von Kilmister und oben drauf einen Channel-Tipp den jeden Gitarristen in den Ruin treiben kann. Viel Spass. Abonnieren, haten, liken – it’s up to you!