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About me

Born 1966 in Switzerland. I’ve played in following bands: Coroner, Junk Food, Baby Steel, Celtic Frost, Amberg, Lick’n’A Promise and Noise Architects.

I’ve started a new project called “The Boris Karloff Syndrome” in 2013. Together with vocalist Natalie Pereira Dos Santos we released the 7 track EP “Kopophobia” in December 2014. I’ve wrote four more tracks for a new EP but I decided to close this musical chapter.

2014 I’ve started a new band called “Kissing Lucifer“. Together with singer Dave Fabian, singer Becky Gaber and drummer Max Saidi I’ve released one EP, one single and three albums. I just finished the 3rd Kissing Lucifer album “Vertigo”. You can pre order it here as a physical CD here or here as digital download.

2018 I launched a new side project called “The Haunted Echoes” featuring Rachel Gavaletz and Max Saidi. Check out our latest release “The Remote Sessions”.

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