Born 1966 in Switzerland. I’ve played in following bands: Coroner, Junk Food, Baby Steel, Celtic Frost, Amberg, Lick’n’A Promise and Noise Architects.

I’ve started a new project called “The Boris Karloff Syndrome” in 2013. Together with vocalist Natalie Pereira Dos Santos we released the 7 track EP “Kopophobia” in December 2014. I’ve wrote four more tracks for a new EP but I decided to close this musical chapter.

2014 I’ve founded a new band called “Kissing Lucifer“. Together with singer Dave Fabian, singer Becky Gaber and drummer Max Saidi In the past years we released two EP, one single and four albums.

2018 I launched a new side project called “The Haunted Echoes” featuring Rachel Gavaletz and Max Saidi. We released a single and the EP “Remote Sessions”. The amazing Katie Burke took over the vocals and Robert McLean on keyboards joined the band. In 2020 we’ve recorded a 9 track album called “Songs Like Horses”. The album is strictly limited to 100 vinyl copies and will be released on the 23rd of October 2020. You can pre order it right here.

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