The Remote Sessions

I recorded within a couple of weeks three songs for "The Haunted Echoes" debut EP "The Remote Sessions". I limited myself to 24 tracks. Just like in the good old days. I used as many vintage emulated equipment as possible to achieve a raw, unpolished sound. Reduce to...

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Ghost Town

During the mixing session of Kissing Lucifer's album "Vertigo", I already started to record the first song for my project "The Haunted Echoes". When I've found Rachel Gavaletz, I knew I've found the perfect voice. The first single "Ghost Town" will be released on the...

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Today Kissing Lucifer released their 3rd album "Vertigo". We started the journey 2016 with our debut EP "The Road Trip Tapes (Stories About Blood And Debris") and just a wink of an eye later, we are releasing another 11 songs. We expanded our musical horizon even...

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New family member

A couple of days ago my new Titan KR2 arrived. Loaded with a TV Jones and Lollar PU. The red button is a kill-switch. It plays great and looks awesome. From left to right: Kauer Banshee, Titan KR1, Titan KR2.

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