Hi, I am Oliver. I’m an addict. Addicted to guitars and gear. Some of  my gear has a direct link to purchase it at Thomann. It helps me paying my bills 😉 


Current Guitars, Basses etc.

  • Maybach Teleman 54 Butterscotch (Serial 193092)
  • Kauer Banshee (Serial 271)
  • Kauer Titan KR 1 (Serial 1096)
  • Kauer Titan KR2 (Serial 1162)
  • Duesenberg D49 Outlaw (Serial 120511)
  • Duesenberg Double Cat (Serial 140027)
  • Vintage VS6 (Serial I 15020277)
  • Vintage Jazz Bass (Serial I 14530097)
  • Vintage Strat Custom Limited Edition (Serial W112041210)
  • Epiphone Thunderbird lV Vintage Sunburst Bass (Serial 1507201439)
  • Epiphone Joe Bonamassa “Treasure” Firebird-I Polymist Gold (Serial 1610202513)
  • Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying V (Serial 1701201854)
  • Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom (Serial 16072300686)
  • Epiphone SQ 180 (Serial 9101216)
  • Epiphone Les Paul Studio (Serial 1911152997)
  • Art & Lutherie Roadhouse (Serial 042395000274)
  • Stanford Deja Vu Series D-Bird
  • Standford Crossroad T30 (Serial CC190203516)
  • Standford Crossroad T35 AV (Serial CC171111407)
  • Fret King Esprit 1 (Serial SM01244)
  • Squier Affinity Telecaster (Serial CY180900714)
  • Recording King RG-32-SN Lap Steel
  • Gibson Melody Maker Sunburst 2010 (Serial 132100481)
  • The Loar LM-110 Mandolin






Gosh! I owned so many guitars in my life. Since I worked in a music store I was addicted to axes. Sadly I sold all my guitars years ago. Here’s a list of Guitars I’ve played (in random order).

  • Fairytale SG (my very first guitar)
  • Ibanez Destroyer
  • Ibanez Rocket Roll
  • Ibanez Les Paul Bass
  • Ibanez Roadster
  • Ibanez Jazz Bass Copy
  • 2 Charvel Strats (I owned two red strats, great guitars)
  • 2 Jackson Randy Rhoads
  • Schecter White Strat with scalloped fingerboard
  • Schecter Wine Red Strat
  • Musicman Steve Morse (you know…the yellow one ;))
  • Maz Pulfer Double Neck
  • BC Rich Mockingbird
  • Godin A6
  • Kramer XKG-10 black with alloy neck
  • Gibson Flying V2 (ugly…)
  • Epiphone Nighthawk
  • Ibanez JEM green
  • Ibanez JEM black
  • PRS Custom SE

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