Kissing Lucifer III / New Guitars

Written by Oliver

Guitarist & Bassist for The Haunted Echoes, Kissing Lucifer and Sulfur Kings.


Our album “Lucified” is out since the 12th of August. We received a lot of positive feedback and some great reviews. This is of course a boost to work even harder on the follow up album. Kissing Lucifer’s III will contain 10 songs. And again we don’t give a f*** about borders, limits and restrictions. Yesterday I finished the rough mix of “Winter Is Your Enemy”. A track full of adrenaline with a Mastodon-twist. Dave and Becky delivered killer vocals. The song is fast, wild with some staccato breaks and electronic sounds that you wouldn’t expect. On the the other side of the coin we have also some great groovin’ 70ies-like songs. Did I mention the aliens already? No? “Desert Aliens” will be a crazy sci-fi ride. The basic tracks of 8 out of the 10 tracks are fully recorded (except the drums). We are working fast. I can’t wait to share the songs with you guys.

While my main axes on Lucified were my Duesenbergs, we have new “family members” on board. A wonderful black Vintage SG provided by my good friend Bodo Suss from Moon Music. A fantastic guitar for a crazy low price. Plays like a charm and sounds great. These guitars are worth to be checked out. Since you never can have enough guitars (right?), I am waiting now for my brand new Epiphone Signature Joe Bonamassa Firebird. Only a few weeks and this golden beauty will join the clan!



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