Stanford Crossroad Thinline 30

Written by Oliver

Guitarist & Bassist for The Haunted Echoes, Kissing Lucifer and Sulfur Kings.


I always wanted a Gibson ES-330. This model has no sustain block and sounds just beautiful. My old friend Bodo Suss from Moon Music sells Stanford guitars and showed my the Crossroad Thinline 30. I was blown away by the quality and the sound. The nitro (!!!) finish is simply stunning. The P90 dog ears sound yummy. The guitar is made in China and proofs once more, than Chinese is not equal cheap. For a very reasonable price you even get a nice and sturdy hard case. The setup and overall finish is superb. The tuners are not only great looking but doing their job. When you grab this hollow body guitar for the first time, it’s like coming home. Like meeting an old friend.
You can hear this great guitar on the upcoming The Haunted Echoes Album “Songs Like Horses”. Treat yourself and get it here.


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