“Vertigo” in progress

Written by Oliver

Guitarist & Bassist for The Haunted Echoes, Kissing Lucifer and Sulfur Kings.


I am working now since a couple of months on the new Kissing Lucifer album “Vertigo”. 10 basic tracks are recorded. 4 tracks are almost done (vocals are already recorded). It will be the first album with drummer Franzsika Bub. My friend Dave Todd played an amazing lead guitar on “Kill My Pain”. Justin Norton who played harp on “Kissing Lucifer” from the last album “The Decay Of Archetypes” will be playing on “House Of Skin And Bones”. This time the recording and production part is far more relaxed and I don’t feel the need to hurry at all. The third Kissing Lucifer album will be very special. Every songs has its own sound but they all connect in a special way. I used much more physical equipment this time. My pedal board replaced the VSTi most of the time. When it comes to guitars I used for all the tracks my Kauer Titan KR-1. The Duesenberg Double Cat was used for a few parts. There are many lead parts to be recorded. Since I am waiting for my Kauer Bansee I waited with recording leads. I want to have the Banshee on the album as well. My guitar playing changed so much during the last two years and I am feeling more comfortable than ever. I always had my own sound but my playing expanded a lot and I play things I never played before. Less is more. The silence between the notes are important. Playing guitar is just an amazing journey with no end. This apples to the bass too. When I was 14 I started to play bass. After I while I switched to guitar but the love to the four strings remained. I am really looking forward to share the new music with our friends and fans. It means everything to me.


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