Written by Oliver

Guitarist & Bassist for The Haunted Echoes, Kissing Lucifer and Sulfur Kings.


Today Kissing Lucifer released their 3rd album “Vertigo”. We started the journey 2016 with our debut EP “The Road Trip Tapes (Stories About Blood And Debris”) and just a wink of an eye later, we are releasing another 11 songs. We expanded our musical horizon even further and we still don’t give a damn about “genre rules”- We don’t need a label. Every song has the KL trademarks. From heavy Doom to sparkling Rock’n’Roll. We play what feels right to us. I had the pleasure to work with great musicians and great human beings on these songs. As a band that never played live, it’s pretty hard to get some attention. We don’t sell millions (surprise, surprise!) but we have some of the most loyal fans out there. You guys keep our motor running. Even though the “Vertigo” is fresh and new, we are already working on new material. I am not sure if there will be a next physical CD release, since most people prefer to stream “free” music and don’t want to spend money on bands anymore. 

For me Kissing Lucifer is more than just a project. It became a big part of my life. And I am happy and honored to have so many people around me, who support my music. Thank you!

I’d like to thank also my friend and partner in crime Dave Fabian for surviving my moods and my pushy behavior. Thanks to Becky and Max for being more than “hired guns”. Thanks to Claudio Cueni for making us sound larger than life. Thanks to Chavela Zink for making us look good (this must be the toughest job on earth”. Thanks to Justin Norton, Dave Short and Peter Berger for their fantastic contributions on “Vertigo”. 

Kissing Lucifer is ready for making more noise. 


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