Vinyl is back!

Written by Oliver

Guitarist & Bassist for The Haunted Echoes, Kissing Lucifer and Sulfur Kings.


I used to have a pretty big record collection back then. But the compact disc ruined it all…

When I was a teenager I had about 600 to 700 records. I was proud of my collection but then CD came around. I wanted to be an early adapter and started to sell all my albums to buy them on CD. What a big mistake… Many decades later I decided to release “Songs Like Horses” on vinyl. You will receive a test pressing before the real production starts. But how should I listen to a test pressing without owning a turntable?? Good question. I ordered an Audio-Technica turntable for a small amount of money. There were also some albums in my shelve. Presents from my good friend Tom G. Fischer (two Triptykon albums), and some LP that I purchased because of the fancy format and artwork. It was like coming home. Listening to the needle dropping onto the vinyl. Light crackles before the music started. I hadn’t a clue how much I missed that. It’s such a different hearing experience. Now I am starting to build up a new collection. Piece by piece. If you are curious what I am listening to, check out my (very tiny) collection on Discogs. 


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